5. Gypsy Prophecies

It’s a shame she can’t see her own future, she wonders what is in store for her. All she can do is patiently wait. It’s so difficult, though, the waiting it’s so lonely. She’s so tired always being alone and having to be “strong”.  She doesn’t feel strong. She wishes sometimes like her illness, she…

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces is my fate. I was born out of time — too late. He left this world too soon. His kiss was sweet; our time was short. Bits and pieces that’s all we had. Only a stolen moment or two together and  he was gone. I was in the right place at the precise moment…

12. Goal in Sight

Incredible! this is what is drawing me irresistibly nearer, a castle high on a hill. It’s beautiful and the sky seems to know that this is my destination, it is alive in color, the hues of pinks, blues yellows are amazing. The castle is evidently my destiny but what awaits me there?

9. Safe Haven

Frantically, we run, we are close, we are nearing the farm house, it’s within view,suddenly the Artists spot the monster above. It hasn’t spotted us yet. It’s only looking for one, not a group, I’m safe for now