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10. Gypsy Prediction

Now knowing her ring is not one of a kind and also knowing neither is she to the silversmith; she understands the mingling of the auras she saw with him and the girl. When the girl took her hands, the girl noticed the ring on her hand too and looked her straight in the eyes. “The silversmith?”, she asks, her voice trembling. “Yes.”   A tear falls from the girl’s eye, “but he said he loved me, he said he wanted to marry me.  I wondered where he went so many nights.   I don’t think you need to read my palm, it’s pretty clear even to me, there is no future with this one. What are you going to do?”

Her heart breaking too, she takes a deep breath and takes the girl’s hand anyway. She studies it for a while.“Hmm, with this hand, I see and this isn’t because of what has happened, but because your heart line has two X’s at the outer palm, You’ve experienced a deeply personal betrayal. But I do see someone new coming into your life in the next month. He will be coming from the south and have green eyes.  You will consider today only a memory and reason for your soul mate to come into your life.”

“But what about you?”, asks the girl. Me?  I will continue as I always do, continue my journey in life, I survive, I always survive and wait. The Universe is testing me, I need to be patient.  As for our friend.  He will soon regret ever deceiving either one of us. His karmic debt has not be satisfied and he will continue to struggle to find true love. Every woman he seduces will reject him and he will die alone and lonely. He has stabbed one too many of us in the heart.”

That evening after closing shop, she finds the silversmith waiting at her steps ready to walk her home.  She smiles at him.  He asks about her day and how it went as they walk into the sunset. She tells him it was busy, but does not mention the girl. He holds her door open for her while she carries her materials in her trailer.  He hugs her tightly and kisses her, he begins to get amorous.  “Oh, sweetie, it’s been such a busy day today, I’m exhausted and tomorrow is the final day of the fair.  I have so much to do tonight to prepare for the finale.  I really need to rest and pack.  Let me say goodnight and I’ll come meet you at your trailer in the morning, okay?” He looks at her, but knows her limitations and knows how much work it will take to get ready for tomorrow. He says,”Alright, but I will miss holding you in my arms tonight.” She embraces him tightly and snuggles her head in his chest and looks up at him. “I know you will miss me.”  then kisses him more passionately than she has ever kissed him. He leaves her trailer, looks over his shoulder smiling and feeling his lips. That was the most delicious kiss he has ever experienced.

7. The Gypsy’s Dilemma

The safety of his embrace, however, is fleeting, there seems to be something that isn’t quite right, but she can’t put her finger on it. She wishes just once she didn’t feel so much or know so much. She really likes him, the summer with him has been very enjoyable, but within his aura, she has always seen another mingling shadow. It has her holding back, his youth has bothered her, but it hasn’t been the main reason causing her to hold back from him. She has enjoyed his company and would like to just ignore things, she is tempted.
He asks about her dream, she wonders if she should tell him. She’s had this dream many times. She doesn’t have dreams about her future, that’s true. But, she does have dreams that warn her about her present and dreams that seem to be indicators of past lives. At times she thinks she’s here on earth to help others settle their karmic debts. Should she tell him about the dream? She gets a very strong feeling that she wants to enjoy the love and attention she can have in the present and not pay attention this time. “Dammit, I want to be loved!”

She holds on tight to him, not wanting to let go, ignoring her knowledge of the karmic debt. One demon of the night can wait.

Dinner gets cold.

6. Gypsy Dreams

The day has been so good, she’s had such good auras mingling with hers today. It finally warmed up later in the afternoon and she is enjoying the music of the harpist who is nearby. The lilting melody is soothing to her and gives her a peaceful and happy feeling.  It’s nearing closing time, so she is cleaning her booth, washing her obsidian obelisk under running water, drying it, then wrapping in sea salt and a black velvet cloth to cleanse it further.

hippieAs she finishes her chores around the booth, she hears footsteps come up the wooden steps up to her table. She turns around and sees him. “Hi, good day?” he asks, as he helps her fold up the curtain.  Her heart skips a beat. He’s so cute and those dimples just make her knees go weak. Damn, but he’s so young! “Yes, it was great. I had a great crowd today, it’s always good to get positive feedback, and I got a lot of it today.” 

“Listen, I know you must be exhausted today, you had a busy schedule, I saw all those people in and out of your booth today, how about if I go into town and get some real dinner and bring it over to you later this evening? How does that sound?”, he asks, as he walks her to her trailer and helps her carry her fortune telling paraphernalia in and places it on the sofa. “That sounds wonderful and delicious, I am starving tonight and really don’t like to cook. I will gladly take you up on that proposition, kind sir,” she smiles, hugs him and thanks him for helping her home.  It’s been a wonderful day.  He turns to leave but before he does, he quickly turns back and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, it startles her and she blushes. “Rest, and I’ll be back soon.” She watches him leave, feeling all warm and tingly inside. Maybe he’s not so young after all.

She leaves the screen door open to let in the evening breeze and air out the stuffy trailer, she hears the crickets start their mating calls outside as she tidies the place.  She showers quickly, anxious to see him again. While she waits, she decides to sit at the table and read the cards.”I wonder?”, she thinks and deals.  She starts the reading for herself. It’s useless, reading for herself, it’s confusing, and yes, she is tired, she lays her head down just for a minute and starts to dream. She’s in the woods, lost and scared. The time is wrong. Her skin is darker, her hair is black. She is wearing a leather dress and moccasins.  Suddenly she is grabbed from behind, she can’t see his face, she screams. He ties her to a tree and gags her mouth.  Tears stream down her face. She trembles in fear, her heart races she’s so scared. The forest is dark because it is so dense. Close by she can hear voices, it is the man and another man, they are white men and they speak another language, she doesn’t understand what they say.  She hears them sharpening their blades. A man approaches her and stabs her in the heart.

The silversmith hears her scream and rushes in only to see her sleeping. She startles awake with tears in her eyes. He tries to comfort her, she places both her hands over her face. “Why am I having this dream now? I thought these dreams were over.” she cries.  Finally, her trembles cease and she allows him to hold her. His embrace is warm and inviting. As he caresses her hair and hugs her gently, she begins to melt into him. She feels safe now.

4. Gypsy Facade

The walk to the festival grounds is short and the air is chilly this morning. She’s glad she brought her shawl, as she wraps it closer around her, he notices and pulls her close as he puts his arm around her.  She smiles, that’s very sweet of him.  They approach his jewelry booth. As she helps him open up, she notices the craftsmanship of his work, the fine detail he puts into each and every ring and necklace. He is truly and artisan.   As he starts dusting off the display cases and putting out his wares, she notices the time and needs to get to her booth and bids him farewell.  He says,“Maybe I can take a break later in the day, and see you, will that be okay?”  She doesn’t know her schedule, “It will depend on the seekers, but we’ll see, I’d like that.”

gypsysoul2As she walks to her booth, she watches the dancers dance to the fast beat of the drummers, throwing their brightly colored scarves in the air, hips swaying, feet moving rhythmically. She stops for a moment to reminisce as she listens to the finger cymbals chime in with the music. She admires their energy and remembers how she used to belly dance and move with the same grace and flexibility.  She loved to dance. But right now however, she searches out the elephant trainer, she had a dream about him last night.  Ah, there he is.  “Good morning, I know you don’t know me, and haven’t visited me, but I had a dream about you last night and I needed to tell you.  Would you mind if I share?”  Getting his curiosity up, he agrees.  She tells him asks him if his wife is expecting a baby and he is surprised and says, “yes”.  She says that she saw that is a little boy, 7 pounds is coming within the week.  He laughs, he says, “Well, we are expecting the baby soon, but all the doctors say its going to be a girl, but I’ll let you know.” She smiles and touches his arm,“Okay, it was just a dream that was very strong for me that I just had to tell you.  Let me know and I know everything is going to go exactly how you need it to. I must run.  Have a great day.”  

She proceeds to her booth, cleans off the dust from the night, waters the flowers leading up the steps to her  entryway.  She lights some incense, does her meditation to prepare for the day and opens the curtains to greet her first visitor, a teenage girl anxious to find out who her true love will be.

The demons are invisible now, it’s a good thing it’s Sunday today, the crowds are not as prone to come to a fortune-teller on a Sunday, they are a little superstitious.  This however, works to her advantage, she doesn’t feel as well today because of the night.  The demons took a toll on her.  Her hands are not as flexible as yesterday and dealing the cards are not as easy. They can still hold a persons hands warmly and with sensitivity, but even though they hurt,  they can sense what the seeker needs and feels, they know what emotions the seeker is going through, but no one knows what is behind her smile and her gentle touch. They have no idea. Her mood today has been lifted because of the silversmith.  She envisions his face and his cute dimples. Just the sweetness of the thought eases her pain today. She accepts the moments in time, they don’t come often so she tucks them away like little treasures to sustain her during those times when she gets lost in thought. But her mask remains in place today and no one knows her secret, they just see her smile and continue on.


3. Gypsy Flirtation

Finally, dawn breaks. She reluctantly and stiffly gets out of bed. She may have gotten another hour of sleep, just enough to start dreaming. She sighs if only she could sleep longer without pain. The dreams would tell her so much more.

bohemianDressing today in her white skirts and white peasant blouse, with her flowing blonde hair, she looks like an angel in the sunbeams of the morning light.

She hears a knock at her door. Not bothering to put on shoes, she answers and is surprised to see the festival silversmith standing there smiling, with his deep dimples, with whiskey-colored eyes, holding a basket and a pot of coffee, just waiting to be invited inside. The demons may have had her company in the night, but it looks like her day promises to be much brighter.

“I saw you stirring and I thought you might like to share my breakfast with me”, he tells her. “I noticed your lights on very early this morning, troubles?”, as he places the coffee pot and basket on her small table. “Insomnia”, she says “and the summer is coming to a close, so the seasonal change affects me.” She places two coffee cups on the table and gestures for him to sit.

In the basket, she is relieved to see a variety of fruit. Grapes, oranges and strawberries.  No pastries. Another secret villain in her life-grains. Is this man psychic too? “I hope you don’t mind just fruit”, he says, “but I’m celiac and I need to be careful.” She smiles, “Welcome, to my world, this is perfect.” Finally, someone who understands. They enjoyed a breakfast together and she learned they had a lot in common, birthdays only days apart, similar meditation practices, and beliefs.  He was an interesting man and their conversation was easy and relaxing. It put her demons out of mind.

She has seen him at other festivals and for the whole summer she and he have exchanged pleasantries, but this is the first time he has approached her personally. It’s nice to have someone take an interest.  Especially a handsome man, but he is much younger than she and wonders why he is interested. She likes his gentle demeanor, his kind eyes, dark curly hair, and his appearance, in general, is extremely alluring. “If only he wasn’t so young”, she thinks, as she cleans up the breakfast plates, he joins in and cleans the table. This is another pleasant surprise.

It’s time to go to the fairgrounds and he waits while she gathers her satchel, she locks up and they leave together. This too is a very nice change, she gets butterflies, if only he weren’t so young.

Celiac disease (gluten-sensitive enteropathy), sometimes called sprue or celiac, is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Another Invisible Illness. Read More


2. Demon Lover

After a busy day in her booth, she gathers her tools of the trade in her satchel as the minstrels play and the crowds’ cheer.  She hears the barkers selling their icy cold pickles and smiles. She walks towards the back of the festival grounds. It’s been a good day.  The seekers were happy with the results of her readings, and she made a nice little profit to sustain her for the day.

She stops by the food court and buys some crab cakes and an artichoke to take back to her trailer for dinner.  She’s tired but really kind of dreading going back to an empty trailer.  The noise and music of the crowds are nice and gives her a pleasant sensation. It’s bittersweet, however, seeing all the couples together when she walks alone. She is always alone.

She sits in her rocking chair outside her small mobile home and watches the sunset as it changes from a fiery red to pink to purple to deep blue. As the sun sets, a tear falls from her eye. The demons are sneaking up on her. “Stop,” she cries,“I’m trying, leave me alone.  Everyone else does why don’t you!” She’s had her share of lovers, but it’s difficult when you are an empath and sensitive.  She can read them so well, when their auras mingle, she knows what is in their heart and soul. She knows just how much she can deal with, she knows how true or untrue they will be. She knows that her life is not meant to be with anyone. People basically are afraid of someone who can see through them, who can see all their flaws and knows their true intentions.  What they don’t understand, however, she can also accept them for who they are.  But they are afraid and leave anyway.

The night brings her first demon—loneliness.  He haunts her frequently. She has tried to embrace him as a lover too, but knowing what was and what could be, make it difficult. She feels empty, she feels like part of her is missing.

As the moon rises over the horizon, her next demon begins his visit, her body is aching from the day, she has almost gone over her limit of what it can handle.  But she resists giving in every day.  She listens in the distance to the other Rennies sing by the campfires as she goes inside to shower away the negative energies accumulated today and slip into bed. It’s going to be a long night and not an easy one, it never is. Her body aches, the muscles and bones hurt, they never stop hurting. She needs to rest.  The warm water temporarily soothes her body as she envisions a white light encompassing her and flowing over her chakras cleansing not just her body, but her soul. It gives her peace. She’s now ready to face the night.

Sliding between the silky smooth cotton sheets of her comfortable bed, with the moonlight coming through the window, she thinks about her day and how happy she has made some people and the smiles she observed as the seekers walked away. This gives her joy. She thinks about the empty side of her bed and a tear falls as she slips into slumber. It doesn’t last long, though, her demon lover waits to intertwine his tendrils on and into her body. Midnight comes, she wakes to his presence. She is in pain. So much pain, her body throbs, aches, and shudders. She walks the floor to ease the stiffness, then climbs back into bed. “Please let me rest.”  But no, she lays there, desperately trying to sleep with the pain, with the demon lying with her, not releasing his firm grip on her. Insomnia joins in, the hour’s pass, it’s now three in the morning. She rises again.  Maybe a little chamomile tea will help. She needs some rest, she needs to sleep before the new day begins again. This nightly visit from her demon lover is exhausting, is so debilitating, is the cause of her tear. It is the cause of her isolation. How could she possibly expose anyone else to this nightly scene?

Invisible Illness Awareness Week is Sept. 28-Oct. 4 and you can find it on social media with #invisiblefight #invisibleillness. Hundreds of thousands of people share their stories, their struggles, and their strengths, while encouraging one another and increasing the awareness of the public about the daily challenges they face and why they do not always feel as well as they look. Find more info at Invisible Illness Awareness Week or their Facebook page.

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1. Gypsy Woman’s Demons

Day 1-The Ren Fair Gypsy

Summertime, she strolls through the fair in her multi-colored skirt of purple, reds and gold with brightly colored scarves tied around her waist and bells on her ankles with a headband of daisies entwined in her waist length hair. Everyone working the fair knows her by name, they greet her warmly as they have seen her year after year at each Renaissance Festival every season in each town, in the summer here, in the winter, there. She follows the festival, she follows the sun. The sun energizes her. Everyone flocks to her side for advice when she comes close. “Have you had any dreams about me lately?” they ask.  “Do you see anything different in my aura today?” they question her.

She smiles, and touches their hands lightly if she has had positive dreams or feelings she will tell them and help them have a good day.  If not, she will smile and tell them that perhaps today is not a good day to take risks and to listen to their inner voice. For really it is up to them to heed their own advice and common sense, not to listen to someone else, especially not to her.  She has her own demons to deal with. No one else knows about her demons, no one sees them lurking in the shadows waiting to steal her energy and blacken her aura. No one sees them make her ill and give her pain. But they are there. Lurking and waiting.

Today Mercury is in retrograde and everyone at the fairgrounds is a little on edge, even the attendees.  They don’t realize that this is why they may be having some agitation in their lives, but they seek her out today.  Her schedule is filling up.

She opens up her booth, painted in soothing tones of light blue and tan. Dusts off the low round table that is brightly painted (by her, of course) it’s painted in colors of teal, purple, greens, and reds. It has swirls, flowers, inspirational sayings, and gold leaves on it. She’s also painted some secret symbols that only she knows the meaning of – to keep away the demons.

She brings out her well-worn tarot cards, her crystals, her crystal ball, black velvet cloth and her black obsidian obelisk. You never know what the customer is going to ask for, the obelisk is not only for them but for her. She needs it, to keep the negative energies of the customer and the demons from absorbing into her aura and chakras. She slips on her moonstone rings on both hands, and moonstone earrings.  Slips off her slippers so her feet are grounded to the earth. Sits on a large velvet pillow behind the table takes a deep cleansing breath, closes her eyes, as she prepares herself with a meditation and aura cleansing.

Now she is ready, she opens her eyes and with outstretched hands in warm welcome, she says “Welcome, my lady, and what are you seeking this fine day?”  as the first seeker approaches her.