13. Courage

What am I doing here? But I feel as if I don’t proceed I will be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime. There is something inside that calls me, I hear it whispering my name.


12. Goal in Sight

Incredible! this is what is drawing me irresistibly nearer, a castle high on a hill. It’s beautiful and the sky seems to know that this is my destination, it is alive in color, the hues of pinks, blues yellows are amazing. The castle is evidently my destiny but what awaits me there?

9. Safe Haven

Frantically, we run, we are close, we are nearing the farm house, it’s within view,suddenly the Artists spot the monster above. It hasn’t spotted us yet. It’s only looking for one, not a group, I’m safe for now

8. Storm Clouds

Suddenly there’s a chill in the air, the wind picks up, papers and pedestals start falling over. The Artists scurry to gather their supplies, but I am getting the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I know what is coming.

7. The Gift

Having fed the body, my soul was now experiencing and thrill it hadn’t it a long time. The brushes and paints were an old friend. My hands felt clumsy, however, my strokes uneven, but the colors were bright, cheerful and my mood brightened with each stroke. Oberon finally decided to settle in for a nap…