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Truth hurts.

Truth is the pain you feel in your throat when you try not to cry.

Truth is the reflection when you look in the mirror and see the stranger looking back at you.

Truth is the word unsaid but felt.

Truth is the emotion unwanted and uncalled for but brought forth by desire.

Truth is what we realize but don’t want to really know.

Truth is a double edged sword.

Truth hurts.


Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces

is my fate.

I was born out of time — too late.

He left this world too soon.

His kiss was sweet; our time was short.

Bits and pieces that’s all we had.

Only a stolen moment or two together

and  he was gone.

I was in the right place at the precise moment he was.

He was here  for only a brief time for me and we loved.

The fire burned fiercely

while we were together.

Oceans separated us,

reality set in and pulled us apart.

Bits and pieces is all we had

with memories to sustain our love.

I was born out of time — too soon.

He was born too late.

Attraction pulled at us,

resistance became inextricable and we loved.

Bits and pieces is all we’ll have.

I will love those bits and pieces,

for after all,

better to have bits and pieces than none at all.

If only I could have more time,

If only I could have more than

bits and pieces.

Maybe someday.