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Trump Team Ignores Ethics Office

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Bob Aronson's Viewpoint


As a journalist, I always believed in reporting news on the basis of importance to the public. The unit of measurement was simple, I had but two questions for any story. How many people does this issue affect and how significant is the effect? Stories that affected a lot of people in a very significant way always gained prominence. Even if the effect is emotional rather than material it is still important. For example, if a story causes a national mood depression and people quit buying that’s a major story.

All of the above is an introduction to a huge story that has been virtually ignored by the news media. It’s about ethics and the new trump administration.

We are about to enter into a rash of U.S. Senate hearings on the confirmation ofsenate-hearings President-Elect Donald Trump’s nominees to run the Government agencies he oversees. These nominees must be vetted…

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