10. Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore- Ruby Slippers

Have you ever felt you were exactly where you were supposed to be? When you were supposed to be and with the person you were supposed to be with? Have you ever felt the spiritual connection with someone at your core and just couldn’t explain it?


9. Safe Haven

Frantically, we run, we are close, we are nearing the farm house, it’s within view,suddenly the Artists spot the monster above. It hasn’t spotted us yet. It’s only looking for one, not a group, I’m safe for now

7. The Gift

Having fed the body, my soul was now experiencing and thrill it hadn’t it a long time. The brushes and paints were an old friend. My hands felt clumsy, however, my strokes uneven, but the colors were bright, cheerful and my mood brightened with each stroke. Oberon finally decided to settle in for a nap…

6. Company

These women, setting up their art pedestals and art supplies were just having a good time in the shade of the large tree, discussing the colors of the leaves and the beautiful stream near by. One woman, was setting up some lunch for the group and invite me to join them.