4. Gypsy Facade

The walk to the festival grounds is short and the air is chilly this morning. She’s glad she brought her shawl, as she wraps it closer around her, he notices and pulls her close as he puts his arm around her.  She smiles, that’s very sweet of him.  They approach his jewelry booth. As she helps him open up, she notices the craftsmanship of his work, the fine detail he puts into each and every ring and necklace. He is truly and artisan.   As he starts dusting off the display cases and putting out his wares, she notices the time and needs to get to her booth and bids him farewell.  He says,“Maybe I can take a break later in the day, and see you, will that be okay?”  She doesn’t know her schedule, “It will depend on the seekers, but we’ll see, I’d like that.”

gypsysoul2As she walks to her booth, she watches the dancers dance to the fast beat of the drummers, throwing their brightly colored scarves in the air, hips swaying, feet moving rhythmically. She stops for a moment to reminisce as she listens to the finger cymbals chime in with the music. She admires their energy and remembers how she used to belly dance and move with the same grace and flexibility.  She loved to dance. But right now however, she searches out the elephant trainer, she had a dream about him last night.  Ah, there he is.  “Good morning, I know you don’t know me, and haven’t visited me, but I had a dream about you last night and I needed to tell you.  Would you mind if I share?”  Getting his curiosity up, he agrees.  She tells him asks him if his wife is expecting a baby and he is surprised and says, “yes”.  She says that she saw that is a little boy, 7 pounds is coming within the week.  He laughs, he says, “Well, we are expecting the baby soon, but all the doctors say its going to be a girl, but I’ll let you know.” She smiles and touches his arm,“Okay, it was just a dream that was very strong for me that I just had to tell you.  Let me know and I know everything is going to go exactly how you need it to. I must run.  Have a great day.”  

She proceeds to her booth, cleans off the dust from the night, waters the flowers leading up the steps to her  entryway.  She lights some incense, does her meditation to prepare for the day and opens the curtains to greet her first visitor, a teenage girl anxious to find out who her true love will be.

The demons are invisible now, it’s a good thing it’s Sunday today, the crowds are not as prone to come to a fortune-teller on a Sunday, they are a little superstitious.  This however, works to her advantage, she doesn’t feel as well today because of the night.  The demons took a toll on her.  Her hands are not as flexible as yesterday and dealing the cards are not as easy. They can still hold a persons hands warmly and with sensitivity, but even though they hurt,  they can sense what the seeker needs and feels, they know what emotions the seeker is going through, but no one knows what is behind her smile and her gentle touch. They have no idea. Her mood today has been lifted because of the silversmith.  She envisions his face and his cute dimples. Just the sweetness of the thought eases her pain today. She accepts the moments in time, they don’t come often so she tucks them away like little treasures to sustain her during those times when she gets lost in thought. But her mask remains in place today and no one knows her secret, they just see her smile and continue on.


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