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11. Gypsy Spirit

Midnight:  Silently she tiptoes to the darkened trailer and leaves a small box in a black velvet pouch tied to the door handle.  She slowly walks back to her mobile home, all packed and ready to travel. It’s time to go.  She doesn’t need to be here in the morning and no goodbyes need to be said. It’s time to fade away.

7 AM:  He wakes, he wonders why he hasn’t heard from her. She’s an early riser, he decides he’ll go to her instead. He steps out his door and notices the package on his door. “What’s this?” he wonders. He recognizes the velvet pouch, it has his logo on it, he opens it and it’s the ring he gave her. “Why?” In the box, there’s a note:

Love, it’s not our time, we have met before and you stabbed me in the heart in another life time then. You have managed to do it again. I saw the other beautiful ring you made for someone else yesterday, made with the same promises and declarations of love you made to me. As much as I love you, I love myself more. I will survive and cannot tolerate liars, cheaters or decievers. I knew I saw these intentions and colors in your aura, but took the chance and risk that for once I might be wrong. Our time together was beautiful, I will always remember it and will never regret it. I know I can love and I have a lot of love to give. If I can offer this much to the wrong man, just imagine how much I can give to the right one who can love me back truly and honestly.  Goodbye.

He is in shock and his heart breaks, his guilt tears at him. He runs to her trailer only to find it gone, only the wilted flowers from her flower box remain.

Ch. 1-Series-Teddy Bear

“Breaker, Breaker One-nine, anybody out there. I’ve broken down and need assistance. Breaker, breaker one-nine.”  I knew she was out there listening at two in the morning, her husband had told me so. She was always up in the middle of the night with the baby and she kept the base station on to keep her company while she tended the child.  The radio crackles, and I hear a sweet voice on the other end, “Breaker, Breaker one-nine, who is needing assistance? What can I do to help, this is Tender Touch” And that’s the conversation that started my deception of Tender Touch and she really was a tender touch, a tender heart, and soul. I’ll never forget the woman that stole my heart. I will always love her and will never have her.

After she “helped” me that first night, I kept in contact with her over the CB radio every chance I got, every day she was on helping other drivers with their problems.  I listened to her, her voice was like an angel’s voice.  Her laughter at the driver’s jokes, even if they weren’t funny jokes was a joy to hear.  Once there was an imposter in the red light district that thought the handle Tender Touch would be a better way to get customers and for awhile there, I heard some awful things said to my angel, but she straightened them out and other drivers would interrupt her to tell her not to worry, they would take care of the imposter. Our Tender Touch was well loved by all the truck drivers in the region and we all had the utmost respect for her. So why was I deceiving her?

I was told she was cheating, she was lying to her husband and she was basically a bitch. After talking to her for weeks now, I wondered, but it was time for me to make my move. Her husband had plans and was paying me to follow through on these plans, he wanted her out of his life and was going to do everything and anything to achieve this goal.  And I do mean anything.  He was convinced of her guilt.

“Hey Tender Touch, how about meeting me for a cup of coffee sometime?” I asked.   “Oh, darlin’, that’s awfully sweet, but I’m a happily married woman with two babies at home, I can’t do that.  Maybe if that wasn’t the case, but it is, thanks for asking, though”, she said. I tried to get that coffee date a couple of more times, but no luck, that lady was not cheating on her husband.  I know she had a lot of friends on the CB she talked a lot, she seemed lonely, there was a sadness beginning to develop in her voice.  She didn’t seem herself lately.

I was given instructions to start following her and to set up recording devices on the phones and the house.  She and her husband had become friends with some neighbors and had started socializing. The neighbor’s husband started dropping by when Tender Touch’s husband was at work,  the conversations were disturbing, from the outside of the house, it looked like an affair was going on, but inside, she was protesting the whole time. She constantly told him to go home. She constantly told him that if she was going to be anyone’s mistress she was going to be her husband’s. She fought to get him out the door.  Only her babies cries really kept him at bay, they evidently pulled at his conscience.  I now wonder if her husband had put him up to the seduction. Because later that week, she and her husband went over to these neighbor’s house for dinner and drinks. She came home very upset and flustered. I heard her ask her husband to help her, she couldn’t understand why she was so groggy and dizzy, she only had one drink.

The next day, she received a phone call from the neighbor’s wife accusing her of having an affair with her husband. She was shocked and started crying.  “It never happened, she said, I know he has tried, he tried last night, but I refuse every time.  He is your problem, not mine.”  She was so upset, Tender Touch called her husband immediately and told him the whole conversation.  He said nothing except that he was too busy to talk to her.

Not understanding why she was feeling so bad and dizzy, she decided to take herself to the doctors.  I saw her drop the babies off across the street as she stumbled in the van, she looked pale and weak.  I followed her to the medical office.  She was there for some time and around noon, she came back out to the van and went to the back to lay down.  She didn’t drive home.

10. Gypsy Prediction

Now knowing her ring is not one of a kind and also knowing neither is she to the silversmith; she understands the mingling of the auras she saw with him and the girl. When the girl took her hands, the girl noticed the ring on her hand too and looked her straight in the eyes. “The silversmith?”, she asks, her voice trembling. “Yes.”   A tear falls from the girl’s eye, “but he said he loved me, he said he wanted to marry me.  I wondered where he went so many nights.   I don’t think you need to read my palm, it’s pretty clear even to me, there is no future with this one. What are you going to do?”

Her heart breaking too, she takes a deep breath and takes the girl’s hand anyway. She studies it for a while.“Hmm, with this hand, I see and this isn’t because of what has happened, but because your heart line has two X’s at the outer palm, You’ve experienced a deeply personal betrayal. But I do see someone new coming into your life in the next month. He will be coming from the south and have green eyes.  You will consider today only a memory and reason for your soul mate to come into your life.”

“But what about you?”, asks the girl. Me?  I will continue as I always do, continue my journey in life, I survive, I always survive and wait. The Universe is testing me, I need to be patient.  As for our friend.  He will soon regret ever deceiving either one of us. His karmic debt has not be satisfied and he will continue to struggle to find true love. Every woman he seduces will reject him and he will die alone and lonely. He has stabbed one too many of us in the heart.”

That evening after closing shop, she finds the silversmith waiting at her steps ready to walk her home.  She smiles at him.  He asks about her day and how it went as they walk into the sunset. She tells him it was busy, but does not mention the girl. He holds her door open for her while she carries her materials in her trailer.  He hugs her tightly and kisses her, he begins to get amorous.  “Oh, sweetie, it’s been such a busy day today, I’m exhausted and tomorrow is the final day of the fair.  I have so much to do tonight to prepare for the finale.  I really need to rest and pack.  Let me say goodnight and I’ll come meet you at your trailer in the morning, okay?” He looks at her, but knows her limitations and knows how much work it will take to get ready for tomorrow. He says,”Alright, but I will miss holding you in my arms tonight.” She embraces him tightly and snuggles her head in his chest and looks up at him. “I know you will miss me.”  then kisses him more passionately than she has ever kissed him. He leaves her trailer, looks over his shoulder smiling and feeling his lips. That was the most delicious kiss he has ever experienced.

9. Gypsy’s Messengers

She is blissfully happy, happier than she has been in such a very long time. This season at the Renaissance Festival has been her best ever, despite the demons that have haunted her, it has produced a surprise in meeting the silversmith and the love and contentment found with him. She feels like she has met her soulmate and finally can set aside some of her fears, finally can trust again. She prefers not to think about that this time.
This is the last weekend of the festival, so she packs her trailer to get ready to move on to the next. Hopefully, she can persuade him to follow her to the next fair. It would be wonderful to have him by her side. They make a good couple. He’s told her he loves her, he’s told her he loves her several times a day since he gave her the ring. He talks about a future together. A future, she hasn’t dared dream of a future. Gypsies don’t dream that way, we stay in the present, tomorrow never comes. She wants to believe, she loves him.
She notices the changing of the leaves as she walks to her booth for the last weekend and the chill in the air. She’s just left him at his shop still feeling the warmth and taste of him on her lips. But she suddenly has a feeling of dread as she approaches the steps of her sanctuary. She sees the crowds have already started signing up for readings and she is going to have a busy day.

There’s a raven sitting in the tree nearby making his loud warning cry to the crowds to “BEWARE”. She looks sternly at him and tells him to “Be quiet”. He flies away. She starts her day with a young teenage boy, anxious to know about his future and if he’s going to make the team this fall in school. The day seems to drag and for September it’s unusually warm, inside her small booth, it’s getting warm and uncomfortable, if only a breeze would come up.

“Excuse me, are you free? Are you ready for me?” says a young woman. “Yes, I see you’re next on my schedule, please come in, and what are you seeking today? Cards, crystals, aura, or palm?” Suddenly the clouds pass over and it cools down, a breeze picks up and scatters the cards. As she scrambles to pick up the cards, the girl sits in front of her. The gypsy woman looks up at the attractive face and immediately sees her aura and the mingling of another aura within. “Ahh, you’ve come about a love?” she asks. The girl says “Yes, and I’d like a palm reading today, please”, she holds out her hands and a beautiful silver ring with intricate scrollwork and a cabochon of opal is on the heart finger of this pretty girl.

8. Gypsy’s Gift

Sunrise is beautiful with the clouds creating a sky on fire of orange, pinks, and blues. She wakes to the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee. She hasn’t slept that well in a long time. He sits on the side of the bed with a cup of coffee in his hand. “Wake up, sleepy head, it’s almost time to get going”, as she scoots up in bed and takes the coffee from him to take a sip of the rich blend. His smile melts her heart and she forgets about her fears from last night.

As they walk together to the fairgrounds, once again she is greeted by a very happy and satisfied seeker. This time the festival baker, who came to her asking her just to hold a lottery ticket for luck. Although the gypsy woman had to silently laugh at this, she took the ticket and held it. She really didn’t believe in luck per se. The woman was coming into money anyway, it was time for it. But now the baker was thrilled and effusive with praise. “Thank you so much, I won $700.00, now I can fix my truck. It was such a blessing.” The baker then gave her a hug, perfumed with the aroma of the freshly baked bread and cookies that the gypsy woman can’t eat anymore, but she savors the smells in sweet memory.

Before they reach her booth, the silversmith, asks her to come inside his shop for a moment. He has something he’d like to show her. She follows him up the steps as he unlocks the back of the stall and reaches inside the safe. “I made this especially for you,” as he hands her a small velvet pouch. She looks at him, quizzically. “Come on, I hope you like it,” he takes the pouch and opens it to reveal a thick silver wide band ring with a moonstone oval cabochon in the center. “I hope it fits.” He puts it on her heart finger, but it’s too large. “Here”, she says and places it on her middle finger, it fits perfectly there. “Hmm, not meant for the heart”, she thinks. But it is beautiful and her favorite stone. “I love it” as she kisses him, “Thank you so much, you designed it yourself and put so much work into it” as she admires is on her finger and examines the scrollwork on the band. “It’s truly one of a kind.”

7. The Gypsy’s Dilemma

The safety of his embrace, however, is fleeting, there seems to be something that isn’t quite right, but she can’t put her finger on it. She wishes just once she didn’t feel so much or know so much. She really likes him, the summer with him has been very enjoyable, but within his aura, she has always seen another mingling shadow. It has her holding back, his youth has bothered her, but it hasn’t been the main reason causing her to hold back from him. She has enjoyed his company and would like to just ignore things, she is tempted.
He asks about her dream, she wonders if she should tell him. She’s had this dream many times. She doesn’t have dreams about her future, that’s true. But, she does have dreams that warn her about her present and dreams that seem to be indicators of past lives. At times she thinks she’s here on earth to help others settle their karmic debts. Should she tell him about the dream? She gets a very strong feeling that she wants to enjoy the love and attention she can have in the present and not pay attention this time. “Dammit, I want to be loved!”

She holds on tight to him, not wanting to let go, ignoring her knowledge of the karmic debt. One demon of the night can wait.

Dinner gets cold.

5. Gypsy Prophecies

It’s a shame she can’t see her own future, she wonders what is in store for her. All she can do is patiently wait. It’s so difficult, though, the waiting it’s so lonely. She’s so tired always being alone and having to be “strong”.  She doesn’t feel strong. She wishes sometimes like her illness, she really could just fade away into the mist and just be gone.  Lost in thought, she doesn’t hear someone come up the steps to her table.

“Excuse me, miss, remember me, you came to see me last Friday and told me about the baby my wife and I were expecting.”   She looks up from her crystal ball that had held her attention and her thoughts.  “Of course, how are you doing?  How’s the baby?”  The man smiles, and says,“If ever you have another dream about me, please tell me about it.  We had a little boy, 7 pounds 1 ounce.” She smiles and says,“Congratulations, he’s healthy, isn’t he? And beautiful too, I’m sure.” The elephant trainer is brimming over with pride and pulls out all the photos of the baby to show her, she oohs and aahs over the photos, they really are adorable and the new parents are obviously in love with their new son.

It’s Saturday morning and the days of the festival are coming to a close here in this state, it’s beginning to get colder in this part of the country, but it has not deterred the crowds, they are making one last huzzah.  The elephant trainer hurries back to the elephant, he sees a line of children waiting to ride and his helper is getting frustrated without him.  “Again, tell me if you have any more dreams”, he yells as he scurries away and waves to her.  She waves back, “See you later.”

The handsome silversmith looks over at her from his booth, hearing the elephant trainer yell at her and waves at her too.  He has been having coffee with her every morning since that first morning.  They have become good friends, but she just won’t let him close, he wonders why. He wants to find out, maybe tonight.

gypsysoulHer sign up sheet for readings is full up today, tarot, palm, and auras.  Mostly auras, she specializes in auras, she sees them with ease during the day when she is warm.  She enjoys having the hustle and bustle of the crowds around, but not too close, so the corner that she does her readings is tucked away behind a curtain to give her and the seeker some privacy. Sometimes the seeker gets emotional even over good news and tears are always welcome. They allow a cleansing that is necessary.

The curtain parts and in walks a familiar face of a young girl she met last year, she remembers this girl well. The girl was confused about two potential loves, she didn’t know which one to choose. The odd thing was that she had a dream about this girl the night before. It happens sometimes, dreams about people she’s never met, she eventually meets them, though.

Today, the girl is glowing and radiant. “I just had to come and see you today before the fair is over, I’ve been married a month now to the most wonderful man. The one you told me I’d marry. The one that I hadn’t even met when we first spoke! I was confused about two men that turned out to be total losers and you told me not to worry about them or to waste my time on them. Each of them one by one broke my heart. But one day in a coffee shop, the man in front of me bought my coffee, just out of the blue. ‘Paying it forward,’ he said.  It started a whole conversation and I found out he was the kindest and most gentle man.  He said a gypsy woman had bought him coffee the week before and told him to pay it forward. It was you wasn’t it?”

I take her hand, look at her new wedding band still bright with newness and the beautiful face filled with the look of all the tomorrows sparkling within her aura bright white around her. It fills my heart with happiness, that she has found this true love, her twin flame. “I’m so very happy for you that you have found each other, it’s going to last a lifetime. Take care of each other.” As I hug her gently,  she looks over her shoulder and I see her new husband smiling at his bride, he lifts his hand in greeting to me. I wink at him.  “Now go, he is waiting for you,”. She offers to put some money in the jar, I shake my head no. “Consider it a wedding gift.”  She hugs me again and slips it in any way.