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Mindful Rebellion

This weekend gave a glimmer of hope to those of us who recognize the problems that face our Nation.  We are not whiners or denying our Government their due.  We are those who stand up for equality, the rights of our brothers and sisters, we recognize the civil liberties that we face to lose under this upcoming administration. We understand how many other rights our citizens will forfeit – jobs, medical care, and social security, just to name a few. We see and cannot fathom how others can normalize white supremacy or the denial of a woman’s right to her body or her respect and intelligence. We cannot understand how others can tolerate lies and falsehoods or collusion with foreign powers to undermine our Democracy.

However, slim the hope, if we had stayed silent we too would have “normalized and tolerated” such despicable behavior and attitudes toward our fellow human beings. We at least took some action, we spoke our convictions and we shall continue to speak our convictions in future times.

We will NOT submit to bigotry, submit to misogyny, submit to prejudice, or submit to intolerance.It is not in our hearts or souls.  We will not “submit”, we will stand proudly with conviction and in love with our brothers and sisters for truth and dignity.


A Mindful Rebellion