“The Case for Resistance”


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By: Randall Kennedy

“There is no common ground to be had with the Trump administration.
Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States. That is sobering because he is glaringly unsuited for any significant public office, much less the most important in our country and indeed the world. Nothing about his pre-candidacy record recommends him. To the contrary, it is so lacking in relevant achievement, so marred by embarrassment, that many onlookers thought that his run for the presidency was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Then his campaign itself was so repulsive, so saturated with bigotries of various sorts, so ostentatiously crass, so glaringly demagogic, that it prompted many leading figures in his own party to repudiate him.
The conservative New Hampshire Union Leader refused to endorse Trump, remarking, aptly, that he is “a liar, a bully, a buffoon.” The Dallas Morning News, which had…

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7 thoughts on ““The Case for Resistance””

  1. lots of people couldn’t stand obama either. I don’t think we’ve had anyone who was ‘qualified’ to be president since the days of the founding fathers. When was the last time any one of them actually did their job? Their ONLY legitimate job= to protect and defend the US Constitution. Huh? WHEN???
    I don’t think Trump will do it either, but to say he’s so much worse than the rest of them is not really true.


    1. I have to disagree on this, I do think we have had several men that actually went above and beyond their jobs. However, many were faced with resistance and prejudice that precluded them from attaining the goals they set for a better America and achieving the relationships needed between the people and the government. However, the current president has shown no regard for the people or women. His lack of ethics or morals will be a difficult stigma for him to overcome or try to correct.


      1. Do you really think any of them have stuck to their job? Protecting the Constitution? They are not supposed to go ‘over and beyond” their job! Their job is not to have any goals other than that. They are supposed to get out of the way and let US run our lives! Let US run our businesses! Let US run everything but those very few things that the federal government is authorized to do!
        The fact that so many of them use the office to put their plans in place is what is ruining this country. How many of them come out of office many, many millions of dollars richer than when they went in? That does not come from doing their job! That comes from corruption! They pander to special interests and make the ‘law’ to benefit them instead of sticking to constitutional government!
        I want a return to the extremely limited government we were promised in our guiding documents. Let ALL of us have the freedom to live our lives the way we choose. There is no way that will ever happen if ‘our leaders’ continue to steal away our freedoms in the guise of making a ‘better America”. The relations between the people and the government is supposed to be that the people are in charge, most definitely NOT the way it is today with the government ordering around the people in every tiny little detail of their lives.
        I don’t see that Obama, Clinton, or Bush (either of them) had any ethics or morals either. They seemed to get by just fine.
        I agree, he acts like an ass. He’s arrogant as hell, but at least he’s out in the open about it, unlike a lot of the others. I would rather see it openly than hidden and still get the same results.

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      2. Then we will just have to disagree. I for one do not agree with his ethics or morality. I did not see such blatant disregard for ethics , morality or integrity as with this current “leader”. Yes, others had their flaws, others made mistakes. They are only human. Many were immoral, But we as citizens must hold them to a higher standard and not sit by and let immorality and unethical behavior continue.

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      3. Agree to disagree. I don’t like him either, but since the people never get to hear about the OTHER choices they have, we wind up picking the ‘lesser of 2 evils’ every election. Which only gets us to more ‘evil’ in the end. That is the situation we have today in the USA. The system and the media refuses to let the people have any REAL choice and so we’re stuck with a pair of horrible choices. Perhaps you prefer Hillary. Not me. Sure, she’s more diplomatic, she’s not so crude, but to say she’s more ethical is a huge leap. She’s done plenty over the years to prove beyond any doubt that she is NOT moral or ethical in any way, shape or form.
        Besides that, I REALLY don’t want another lawyer in government!! They’ve all done nothing but screw things up for the rest of us, just to promote their OWN narrow interests. The law is supposed to be simple enough for any one of us to understand it. It is also supposed to be extremely limited. Yet what do we have today? Entire libraries full of incomprehensible ‘laws’ that we’re all supposed to be able to abide by (when it’s impossible to understand them) and almost ALL of them are against the constitutional limits of the government (and so are invalid!)
        I want to see this country return to the ideals and follow the principles written down in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! I want to see ALL of us able to live FREELY, the way we were promised. I want to see ALL of our politicians held to the standard that they are supposed to be held to: HOW WELL DO THEY UPHOLD THIER OATH??? What exactly are they doing each and every day to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION of the USA??? THAT is what is important to fix the issues we have in this country. That and nothing else will EVER fix our issues. We deserve to live as FREE human beings! THAT is the job of the president and every other politician in this country- to do ALL that they possibly can to ENSURE that we are able to.
        Trump looks to me like he’s more likely to get rid of some of the more onerous laws on the books than Hillary. He’s no Gary Johnson, but as long as he’s for getting the government back to serving the people instead of the other way around, I’ll support him. (Not that I believe he’s going to go very far in that direction, but when he does, he deserves my support and i will give it to him. I really don’t care too much about how ‘crude’ he is- I AM a sailor after all!)


      4. Crudeness is not a problem, being outspoken is not a problem for me, however bigotry, misogyny, and a pathological liar is a problem. It is one that outweighs all. It has nothing to do with Hillary, nothing to do with politics, but of morals. One who is unethical, lacks integrity, and has no regard for the constitution deserves no respect. My father was a sailor, I am the daughter of generations of military, back to the revolution. I regard 45’s behavior unacceptable for leadership.


      5. I agree with you there, but I certainly don’t look to him (or any other politician) as a ‘leader’. They never lead anywhere but into the garbage heap where they all live! Talk about morals? Ethics? Integrity? Regard for the Constitution? How many politicians in the last 100 years can you honestly say have ANY of ANY of those things? I could count them on one hand! No more than that for sure. Trump doesn’t have any either, no argument from me on that. All I can say about him is that I HOPE he won’t get is into yet another war. I HOPE he will figure out how to get the USA through our financial crisis, since he does seem to have some experience with bankruptcy. I HOPE he will do something about the morass of ridiculous rules and regulations that have been a major factor in driving decent jobs out of the country and a huge loss of personal liberty and I HOPE he will get rid of that obamacare scam!
        I don’t really think he will do much of any of those things, but I can still hope. If Hillary would have won (like everyone insists she should have), I really don’t see the country as being any better off. Does SHE have morals, ethics, integrity,etc? Nope. Not at all! Nor does she have any experience in running a business or in dealing with the ‘real world’, she’s been involved in politics her whole life.
        Personally, I WISH the people could have been informed about all the OTHER choices they had. I liked Gary Johnson best. Others liked Jill Stein or some of the more minor choices. I think ANY of those would have been better than EITHER Trump or Hillary! Too bad the republicrats have eliminated ANY POSSIBILITY of anyone else EVER being in the debates where they might, conceivably be heard by a large number of Americans. The LP is sueing for inclusion in the debates. I think ALL parties should be heard by ALL Americans. Too bad that’s not allowed.


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