Standing up for what is right.

Don’t be a sheep! Speak up for your convictions.


Do you stand up for what is right?  Some people do; many do not. If more people stood up for what is right, many of the wrongs of the world would be corrected.  Unfortunately, many of us condone or support what is wrong. One reason we do this is it is more convenient. We do not want to go against the tide.  We want to go with the tide to please people: maybe a boss or higher authority so that we may have favors or a favor from him. To stand up for what is right demands that we be strong. It calls for backbone. Do you have such backbone?

It is important to note that in life what is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular. We must not go for something just because it is popular.  We must go for it because…

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