11. Gypsy Spirit

Midnight:  Silently she tiptoes to the darkened trailer and leaves a small box in a black velvet pouch tied to the door handle.  She slowly walks back to her mobile home, all packed and ready to travel. It’s time to go.  She doesn’t need to be here in the morning and no goodbyes need to be said. It’s time to fade away.

7 AM:  He wakes, he wonders why he hasn’t heard from her. She’s an early riser, he decides he’ll go to her instead. He steps out his door and notices the package on his door. “What’s this?” he wonders. He recognizes the velvet pouch, it has his logo on it, he opens it and it’s the ring he gave her. “Why?” In the box, there’s a note:

Love, it’s not our time, we have met before and you stabbed me in the heart in another life time then. You have managed to do it again. I saw the other beautiful ring you made for someone else yesterday, made with the same promises and declarations of love you made to me. As much as I love you, I love myself more. I will survive and cannot tolerate liars, cheaters or decievers. I knew I saw these intentions and colors in your aura, but took the chance and risk that for once I might be wrong. Our time together was beautiful, I will always remember it and will never regret it. I know I can love and I have a lot of love to give. If I can offer this much to the wrong man, just imagine how much I can give to the right one who can love me back truly and honestly.  Goodbye.

He is in shock and his heart breaks, his guilt tears at him. He runs to her trailer only to find it gone, only the wilted flowers from her flower box remain.

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