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Donald Trump is going to snap very soon, and here is how I know

I wanted to reblog this at the same time as his rejoinder, but “work” got in the way. Another good read. Thanks, Infinite Coincidence.

Infinite Coincidence


I believe that rather than smashing our own glass houses to pieces in the act of destroying Donald Trump’s Presidency, we need to be aware of our own inner Trump, to reflect on our own tendencies to think and behave in catastrophically immature, venal and insecure ways. I therefore offer up this short account of my own personal emotional development, and then explain why I think it helps explain why Trump is heading for a breakdown very, very soon.

I used to suffer from a quite disabling insecurity, particularly when it came to things like being creative and forming relationships with other people. I got better, partly by virtue of living in and studying Portugal, learning about its people’s tendency to swing between moments of self-aggrandisement and self-abnegation, from ‘we are great’ to ‘we are nothing’. I also learnt about my own habit of projecting my own feelings onto…

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‘Trump is going to snap’: a rejoinder

Infinite Coincidence

The post I wrote two days ago in the first hour after waking up has proven to be hugely popularand so is generating a lot of responses. Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared and commented so far.I’m endeavouring to reply to all the comments on the site but it’s beginning to geta bit out of hand. I want to be sure in myself that I haven’t misled anyone with what I wrote. In particular I’dhate to be responsible for any sense of complacency. Here are some nagging reservations I have about what I wrote, plus some stuff I missed out.

  1. A lot of people are saying that Pence is worse: more rational, more stable, but with an equally psychotic agenda. Some of the things he stands for and has implemented in relation to women’s rights would make the Taliban nudge each other and raise an eyebrow. He would…

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“Women are the future”

“Women are the future”

We Can Never Be Complacent!

He was inspired by the march yesterday and I admire the results of his inspiration.  Thank you for your art, Matthew.


Artist: Matthew Waite, a comic book artist, was so inspired by the marches yesterday he made this. “Women are the future”. Immigrants are the future. LGBTQIA are the future. Equality and human rights are the future. We can’t let the momentum wane and we can NEVER be complacent again.


© 2017 Photography by Candace L Stauber

© 2017 Women are the Future by Matthew Waite