Standing for the flag or Acting on what it Stands For

Standing for the flag or Acting on what it Stands For
All this controversy whether kneeling or standing with arms locked is disrespecting our country’s  flag has many people upset, some confused.  “For liberty and justice for ALL”.  I believe it would be disrespectful if we did not honor what our flag stood for and STAND UP for our rights to insure that we are indeed the country that our armed forces through the life of our country spilled blood over to give us. – the liberty and the freedom for justice for ALL.  Those who only see the kneeling during a song are missing the big picture and are not understanding the injustices that are going on. Respect is earned, Defending our democracy is respecting our country and given by partcipating and not quietly allowing it to be taken away. Democracy is not something fought for just on foreign soils but here in our own home. we cannot allow racism, bigotry and hatred destroy us.

2 thoughts on “Standing for the flag or Acting on what it Stands For”

  1. Hi C. 🙂

    As you stated there is a lot of confusion on this topic, and it is in no way diminished by the buffoon-in-charge, if anything, he delights in it and the outrage he can help stir up and the division it increases between the various factions in your country. I see nothing united in the United States today, in my view as an interested outsider.

    Our ‘leaders’ understand full well the ‘United we stand, divided i can conquer’ principle. In fact they rely upon it and fuel it. We just don’t ever seem to ‘get’ it and take action to fight it correctly, or effectively.

    A few ‘outsider’ comments you might care to consider and write about in some future post?:

    How can someone respect the flag of a country that does not respect them as a citizen? How can those who do nothing about the disrespect given to one of their fellow citizen’s criticise that person for choosing to display that they are being disrespected? for showing how they feel their country is treating them if it does so unfairly and unjustly?

    Liberty and Justice for all is a crock – it never has existed anywhere and never will – for evidence take a good look at the injustice and denial of freedom reported daily in the world and local press. Where is the justice for the Australian woman’s family who was shot by a policeman from INSIDE his patrol car after she phoned them to report a suspected assault on a woman near her home? (a few weeks ago in Minnesota, i think?)

    What justice can you expect from a legal system that was set up by, and for the benefit of the rich, if you are not one of ‘them’ and cannot afford the same legal representation they do? Can anyone seriously believe that a poor individual’s freely appointed attorney has the same abilities as a global company’s legal team and expect a fair result in such cases?

    Are the poor truly ‘free’ in your society? Is a single mom who has three jobs and still cannot even afford to live anywhere but a shared motel room in any way ‘free’ in America?

    Speaking in platitudes generally placates the masses and the ones who have become conditioned to live within the rules as set down by others for people like them but it does nothing in regards making any society a truly free and fair place. That can only be done when all people stand up for the human rights of all who have been allowed to live in the same country as you.

    Things like flags and the word ‘Democracy’ are merely symbols that are supposed to vastly over-simplify a collective idea of ‘Unity. We should always remember that unity requires of us the ability to not merely tolerate, but to actively defend, people who do not believe everything we (think we) believe.

    Unity and justice does not come from making everyone in a country think the same way ‘we’ do but from us all respecting (loving even) our neighbours, regardless of their opinion!

    Just to be clear this is a ‘general rant’ and is in no way aimed at you personally! 🙂



    1. no, i and i was exasperated at all the people getting worked up over the wrong things when there is so much more they are not understanding or considering.
      The issues are much deeper than just a flag or a song and the divisiveness is only being fueled by the idiot we have in office.

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