2 thoughts on “I’m a Liberal: Refuting the Stereotypes Around Open-Mindedness and Progressivism”

  1. you cant, sadly, refute the stereotypes of liberals– theyre not stereotypes anymore. i called myself one for years– im a socialist at heart that wasnt the least bothered by the prospect of bernie or jill stein in office (they didnt have a chance but neither did trump, imo) and truth be told, i like stein a LOT more than sanders. (ok part of it is that shes really cute– but wait, even though no one should vote based on that, its a very common factor in elections whether people admit it or not.)

    i like gary johnson the most as a politician, but not as a candidate? (does that make sense?) but heres why i dont consider myself a liberal anymore– 8 years to reverse bushs destructive policies (betrayal of a nation) regarding the constitution– 8 years spent invading countries, launching drones, and further eroding the bill of rights. who cared? not the liberals, when it was time to protest bush. even less so when it came time to protest the same injustices/betrayal once obama was in.

    i gave money to obamas campaign when i was tired of mccain (and hillary) and their dirty tactics. when she ran against bernie, she used the same backstabbing ruthlessness (and its not that shes a woman– she just lied and played dirty. stein ran against bernie too, but with above-board tactics) that she used in 2008. i dont want a liar and a traitor (any politician that votes against the constitution is a traitor imo– dont care what party youre from) in office, and im certainly not going to vote to put them there.

    but when hillary lost (not because of trump voters, but because of people who found the candidate of the left so unpalatable that they refused to support her– which somehow was made out to be pure sexism, just like not loving a crappy ghostbusters sequel can only be explained by sexism? hows that again? you know it only had women cast in it because the original cast– murray in particular i belive– refused to participate in “another crappy sequel,” eh?)

    …you cant refute the stereotypes about liberals, because theyre nothing like you and youre nothing like they are these days. theyre uptight and self-righteous, theyre insane and made of pure hypocrisy, and theyre not. youre not refuting anything im afraid– youre simply the exception that proves the rule. well… there are worse things to be, but your party– our party? is dead. if its progress youre looking for– human values, shall we say? your party is useless, co-opted, dismantled. and bat**** insane. with all due respect, you know. i dont lump you in with that, even if you lump yourself in with them on some things.

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    1. Very well stated, we are so unique, and I admit, I can’t agree totally with the stereotypical definition of liberal or practically anything else. I’m not an old hippie advocating peace, love, etc. I am an older woman who has seen too much and found my voice where I never had one before. I am learning how to use it now. I am now just now realizing I cannot tolerate the silence that I once kept to just keep the peace because I believe now that condones behavior and injustices that are happening today. I feel now that if my one small voice doesn’t speak out that they will continue. Do I think my one voice will make a difference? NO, but combined with others with similar, maybe not same mind, but with ethics and a moral compass we can make a better world. As for even trying to fit into a stereotype, I don’t think we do, we are own and must remain as such with high standards of morals and tolerance of diversity.


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